I have no idea what I'm doing...

My commissions are back up!! For Paypal only!!

Now that I’ve healed from surgery, I’m opening my commissions again. Yay!

I can draw in a variety of styles and I can draw more than just anthro! If you don’t specify a style, you’ll get what’s shown above. But there are a few things I won’t draw like porn of any type, mechas, and anything that makes me uncomfortable!

Talk to me about ecchi! If it’s in good tastes I’ll do it.


Prices are based on difficulty and detail.

Click on the pictures for exact pricing!! c:

Sketches and line art: $3-5

Flat colours: $8+

Heads, busts, waist shots: $10-15*

              *extra characters are $10 each

Full body with simple background: $15-20+

Full body with complex background: $30+

Extra full body characters no matter what are an extra $15 each.

Detailed backgrounds like the forest above are $15+


Please do not be afraid to ask questions or to negotiate pricing. I will not send you WIPs so you will have to trust it to be as you ordered and it will be! It may take me awhile to finish your piece! I may lose inspiration, I’m trying to find references of certain things, or I’m juggling commissions wit school work, but I will try to finish them within a week to two. If I fail to do this, please badger me!!

Send me an ask on tumblr or shoot me an email at ghostnyght@hotmail.com if you are interested in a commission.

I look forward to drawing for you! c:

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